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Tips in Making the Most Effective Business Presentation

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There are different techniques and practices in making the most effective and convincing business presentations depending on the nature and purpose of such. There are presentations conducted for the purpose of informing the board, stockholders, or investors of the current status of the company as regards sales, market projections, stock values, and many more. In this nature of business presentation, the important and indispensable factor that should always be borne to mind is that the reporting must be elaborate and comprehensive enough to fully explain the present condition of the company or corporation. In making report on updates of the business, it should always be clear and concise so as to send the right message across the audience. Such message could either be on the positive note that they should continue to trust and have confidence on the current leadership of the board as the overall business condition is doing absolutely great. The message could also carefully apply calculated worries on the part of the audience for the purpose of either making them get more active and engaged in terms of putting more investments for the improvements and enhancements of the business facilities, product research, expansions, and many more necessary endeavors that require additional capital expenditures to effectively compete in the increasingly intense local and international markets.

There are also those business presentations that are done purely for the purpose of convincing the audience, whether those members of the board or those investors willing to place their treasures of great capital to the business. In this business presentation, it is important not only to provide for substantial information as regards the financial strength and viability of the business enterprise but it should also be done in such a way that the presentation itself manifests credibility and authority in claiming great rewards and profits for the investors. Imagine yourself presenting a product to the buyer who has been in the business for all of these years. What if you are offering him or her a product that promises to boost one’s immune system and overall physical health and yet your own health condition is vulgarly weak and damaged? This situation clearly shows that the seller should himself or herself be the living witness, example, and model of the product one is selling. As such, it would be easier and more convincing to entice and successfully strike a done deal with the client. This principle also applies in making business presentations. No matter what kind of product one is making the business presentation for, it is important to project the image of professionalism, sincerity, innovation, advancements, and industry.

Given this fact, it is imperative that in every business presentation, the person must appear in professional attire, speak with confidence and sincerity, and most especially, show to the audience the technological advancements, capabilities, and innovation in managing corporate affairs through the tools and methods used during the said business presentation. Through these techniques, the credibility and trust towards the company is easily established, hence, resulting to the attainment of the objectives and purposes of such reporting.

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Make Sure Your Present Isn’t An Unwanted Christmas Present

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It’s painful to see the present you spent so much time choosing end up on an auction site as soon as Christmas Day has ended.

Here are some top tips to make sure you’re not giving someone an unwanted Christmas present.

1. If the person you’re buying a Christmas present for has a wish list on somewhere like Amazon, use that. This is the easiest way but not everyone is organized enough to use sites like Amazon to list the Christmas presents they would like.

2. Casually ask the recipient what they want for Christmas. If you ask far enough ahead, they probably won’t remember having the conversation and come Christmas Day, they’ll get the perfect present from you.

3. Choose a DVD from one of their favorite television series or actor. So long as you know the gift recipient well, you should have a good idea of what they like watching. Tune into hints in their conversations if necessary.

4. Give an unusual or unique Christmas present. Anything from a goat in an under-developed country through to a personalized present that can’t be bought off the shelf.

5. If all else fails, consider a gift voucher. Whilst these are not the best present to give (apart from anything else, they show that you didn’t know what present to purchase the person), they are usable and you know that the recipient of the present will get themselves precisely the present they desire.

Whatever you end up buying for a Christmas present, you need to put enough effort into the purchase to make sure that it doesn’t end up as a waste of money as an unwanted Christmas present. Good luck choosing!

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Get Over Your Fear of Giving a Presentation

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“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”- Jerry Seinfeld

While the above quote is very funny, unfortunately for a lot of people, it’s also pretty accurate. I can remember as early as 5th grade, my fellow classmates telling me how much they feared having to get up in front of the class to give a presentation. Still to this day, full-grown adult professionals fear standing up in front of their colleagues to give a presentation just as much as they feared it in the 5th grade.

Fortunately, I’ve never had this fear. I’ve always enjoyed speaking in front of people and the bigger the audience, the more I can’t wait to take the stage. What’s my secret? Well, I know people have written entire books on how to deliver an effective presentation but I believe the tips I have listed below will give you a great start to feeling much more comfortable on stage.

1. Have a Script or Outline.
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Ben Franklin

You can’t “wing it.” There is no way possible you can deliver an effective presentation if you don’t have your ideas and main points written down. By writing down the main points you want to get across, you’ll ensure each one gets covered and explained effectively to your audience. I’m not going to go into great detail about how to write a script or outline (there are many great online resources and publications available), but I do want to stress that you NEED to have one.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice.
“The key is not the will to win…everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”- Bobby Knight, Hall of Fame Coach

To give an effective presentation, you need to practice. This goes for almost everything you do in life. There’s no way to get better at something unless you practice. Start out by reading your script or outline aloud to yourself. If you know you’re going to be behind a lectern, practice behind one. If you’re going to have a PowerPoint clicker in your hand, practice giving your presentation with something in your hand. You want to replicate your conditions as well as you can. Once you feel like you have it down, present it to a few people or a friend. Not only will performing in front of a friend or group of friends give you some more practice, they’ll also be able to give you feedback.

3. NO ‘Death by PowerPoint’
“Using PowerPoint is like having a loaded AK-47 on the table: You can do very bad things with it.”- Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google

I know it’s happened to call of us; someone gives a presentation and all they do is read the PowerPoint slides to us or we spend way too much valuable time waiting for little useless animations to fly across the slides. Don’t be one of these presenters. It’s OK to use PowerPoint but don’t use it as a crutch; instead, use it to strengthen your presentation. Again, there are many great resources on how to use PowerPoint effectively, so do some research. But for now, I’ll offer this advice: use the least amount of text possible per slide, stay away from the animation “tricks,” make sure they are easy to read, and keep the audience focused on you and NOT the slides.

4. Break the Ice
“Most experts suggest that one should open with a joke. Obviously, they’ve never heard me tell a joke.”- Anonymous

While you don’t have to tell a joke, it’s my belief that you should “break the ice” to get the audience on your side and get their attention. If you’re good at telling jokes, by all means tell (an appropriate) one. However, if you don’t feel that you’re funny use a line that makes you relatable to your audience. Something like “With your help, I’m going to get this presentation finished a few minutes early so we can get out of here in time to enjoy the beautiful weather.” Though that’s just an example, make sure whatever line you use, you keep it positive. Don’t mention how terrible the traffic was getting there because it will immediately bring unpleasant thoughts back into everyone’s minds.

5. You’re the Expert
“I don’t want to be patronizing…that means “talking down.”"- Wendy Morgan

You’re the presenter because you know more about the topic than anyone else in the room. This makes you an expert. Doesn’t it sound much better to think of yourself as the expert than just ‘a presenter’? The truth is people are there not only to hear what you have to say but to learn. If you’ve taken the time and put in the practice you’ll give an effective presentation and be acknowledged as the expert you are.

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Delivering a Quality Presentation

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Presentation attendance is important for keeping sharp and up to date on topics and techniques. With that in mind, I often attend seminars and presentations on a variety of topics, from business development and consultancy to investing and asset management. Most recently, I attended a seminar from David Lerner and Associates on “Building and Protecting your Assets.” While this is clearly a sales seminar, looking to create a buying impulse, it also provided great information and food for thought. Mostly, however, I want to discuss the techniques used in the seminar, as I found it to be very well done.

I will begin by saying that David Lerner is a very polished and entertaining speaker. His use of technology was well integrated with his manner of walking the room. Three video screens were used, One large central screen and two smaller screens to allow the viewers at the peripheries to see the information clearly as well. On top of this, a wireless sound system was used to project the speaker’s voice effectively. The facility was a moderate sized convention center/ballroom, with a crowd that I would estimate at 600 people.

Utilizing an array of speakers connected to a wireless receiver, and a handheld wireless microphone, every word was able to be heard clearly. Volume and clarity are both key factors for successful speakers. However, it was not so much the technical details which made this a good presentation, it was the presentation style. Mr. Lerner made several overtures to connect with the audience effectively. First, he was adept at using humor, which is often touted as a public speaking tool.

I personally liked his references to Mel Brooks’ movies, as I am a huge fan of his work. Bringing the audience back to those references at points throughout the presentation also created memory points for the audience. This is a fantastic technique for getting an audience to remember key points, without seeming like a pushy teacher. Mr. Lerner also connected with the audience by sharing details and experiences from his personal life. Humanizing yourself as a speaker should not be discounted; an audience is far more likely to “buy in” to a speaker’s pitch if they see him as one of their own rather than an outsider. Sharing stories that the audience can relate to is crucial, but a speaker must know the audience well enough to make this work. Both the humor and personal connection set the audience at ease and allow for a greater capacity to listen and accept what is being shared without a highly guarded affect.

The presentation itself consisted of information presented orally through Mr. Lerner and other speakers, visually through a PowerPoint presentation, and physically through audience participation (question and response). This allows for the greater learning and interest, as it touches on multiple learning styles. The investment strategies discussed were put into simple terms and graphics which could be easily understood. The presentation was laid out logically in a manner that was easy to follow and built from the bottom up. Basically, there are three levels of investment to consider, base-level – safe investment with moderate returns, mid-level – some what greater risk and slightly higher returns and top-level – higher returns and higher risk.

The base-level should be the largest investment amount, consisting of the monies which cannot be risked; the housing, food, and health cost funds. I will not discuss the investment vehicles mentioned as this is not a sales article for the company, but rather a discussion of the presentation techniques used. The mid-level should contain less of the funds, but should only be invested in after the necessities have been covered with safe investments. This level consists of relatively safe investments but carries some risk of loss or lowered returns but a higher projected return. The top-level consists of the smallest portion of the investments, and includes stocks, mutual funds and potential high returns but much higher risk of loss as well. This level should only be filled with cash which can be lost without harming the investor’s lifestyle appreciably.

As an MBA with an educational background in finance and economics as well as marketing, the strategies fit well with my own views and do make sense. However, even without that education, the presentation was clear enough and concise enough to be easily understood. I think that this was one of the key strengths of the presentation, it provided information which was interesting for knowledgeable participants but also simple enough for novices to grasp easily. It played effectively for the full range of the audience.

This explanation of the strategy was augmented with specific numbers on returns delivered by various product components. Here, audience participation was a key part of the presentation as well. Many audience members were clients of David Lerner Associates already and had investments in specific products. Their enthusiasm for the products and affirmation of the returns boosts the credibility of the presentation. Due to the numbers of people, it is not likely that they were plants, although that thought would cross my mind otherwise. I should also disclose that I was there because I know people who work for the company and I have the utmost respect for the character of those individuals.

Lastly, certain tools were used to keep audience members from leaving prior to the end of the presentation. First, food and refreshments were served prior to the presentation. This ensured that the participants were comfortable and not thinking about getting food or being otherwise distracted by hunger or thirst. Secondly, desserts were served, and coffee was made available at the close of the presentation. This allowed for the associates to mingle with the participants after the presentation to set up appointments and to discuss the presentation details. This reinforces to presentation and allows for clarification of details where needed.

It also attempts to lock in clients while they are still focused on the presentation material. Finally, a drawing was done at the close of the seminar, after the dessert and mingling, for several items. Only those present would be able to win items. Therefore, an incentive was given to remain in attendance until the end, and the vast majority of those who came for the presentation did remain. As noted, I found this to be a well done presentation and wanted to share these techniques, as they can be readily employed by others to enhance their own presentations and seminars.

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Presentation Technology In The Digital Age

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Presentation Technology in the Digital Age

Presentation technology has changed the way our culture communicates. From the corporate boardroom to external communications with customers, presentations have impacted every aspect of the business community. This penetration has been largely achieved through two key advances. The first and perhaps most significant advance is the open accessibility to digital media. We suddenly live in a digital democracy, where everyone has access to and expects to consume vast volumes of digital media. The second advance is interactive presentation technology. Interactive presentations support active discussion, as opposed to the passive approach, where a presenter is talking to an audience who is listening at 50% capacity.

Digital Democracy forces strides in presentation technologies.

The advances in media technology have empowered the masses to create, consume and distribute terabytes of media each day. And because the Internet is universal, everyone has access. Video, once limited to the domain of skilled craftsmen, is now being shot on mainstream digital cameras and cell phones. The easy creation of digital images, combined with the viral nature of the Web has given the masses access to countless images. And, the popularity of digital cameras and photo sharing sites let one’s access to pictures grow exponentially. The same principal applies to digital music files. Billions of audio files are downloaded everyday.

The ready access of media into everyday lives has naturally spread into the medium of presentations. People are exposed to sight, sound and motion in every minute of their lives, and thus expect a multimedia experience when they watch a presentation. Presentations must leverage multimedia to stir audiences. As such, presentation technologies, like PowerPoint, Keynote and Ontra, that make it easy for users to include a variety of media, have become a standard of communication throughout our culture.

On a corporate level, you can see the digital democracy in action. Long gone are the days when only the highest level executives, with their personal support staff, or the digerati, with their knack for technology, made the best presentations. The best presentations were slick, professional and included a wealth of video, audio and high quality graphics that wow’d the audience and helped reinforce the key messages. Now, because of expanded access to digital media, everyone in the company can present like the CEO.

Unfortunately, greater access to professional materials, including video, audio and graphics does not guarantee that the information is being used and shared in the most efficient way throughout the organization. There are still coworkers and colleagues that are not up to speed when it comes to building presentations. Thus, smart corporations are taking a broader approach to presentation communication – practicing presentation management.

Presentation management treats the presentation as another piece of collateral in the marketing mix, like a brochure or a website. Presentation management is the creation, automation and distribution of presentation materials throughout an enterprise. Here’s how it works. A designated group or person in the company is responsible for building a comprehensive presentation library that includes all of the necessary information that users need to present, such as: company overview, product and service information, pricing, market information, research, case studies, bio’s, etc. The presentation is designed around the company’s brand identity and utilizes relevant media, like video, animation and imagery to reinforce the message and engage the audience. It is then distributed though a server or shared location. The presenters, typically sales staff, can search, select and choose slides according to their particular business meeting need. With a managed library of slides, anyone can build a slick, multimedia presentation in minutes. This saves time, and money.

Presentation Management benefits presenters on two critical levels. First, it provides easy access to information, giving them the ability to talk intelligently about any aspect of the company, whether or not it falls in their area of expertise. Second, it puts everyone on an equal playing filed, letting even novices present a professionally crafted presentation, to reinforce the company’s message. The combination of presenting relevant, hard-hitting information combined with high-quality graphics provides added credibility and professionalism to the presenter.

Interactive presentation technologies are changing the way business presentations are conducted.

Incorporating multimedia in a presentation is only one aspect of using presentation technology to conduct more effective, productive meetings. Productive meetings are those in which everyone participates, where questions are raised and ideas are shared. A client who is actively participating in a meeting is a client that is listening, engaged and above all, interested. The linear slide-show format, although very comfortable for many presenters, does not foster interaction. Presentation technologies that offer an interactive mode of presenting, or the ability to call up any slide, on any given subject, right in front of the client, can reduce the sales cycle by ensuring the client gets all the information he needs to make a decision. It makes the meeting more productive.

Essentially, through the combination of multimedia files, democratic distribution of presentation content, and quick access to relevant content, presentation management can upgrade the average presenter’s (sales person) presentation skills to that of a CEO. This technological leveling of the playing field is allowing companies of all sizes, and people of all skill levels, to compete.

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Tips For Successful Debt Negotiation – Choosing the Best Debt Negotiation Strategy

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Where can you expect to find valuable tips for successful debt negotiation other than the net? Surely, there is no other better means of gathering information on topics related to debt than accessing the net for the purpose. What is more, they give you authentic and credible details as well as advice that you can apply in your own life and be benefited from it. Therefore, instead of running helter-skelter from one place to another with the purpose of finding a convenient negotiation method for your credit amount, it is far better to sit in front of your computer and get handy information on the same. It will surely enlighten you on the best debt negotiation strategy which can work wonders for your personal finance and improve the scenario to a great extent.

No matter where you go for some useful tips for successful debt negotiation, one common thing that you can hope to hear is that you need to be extra cautious about scam and fraudulent companies. This is because the market is full of such companies and if you become a victim to them, more problems can crop up and you will never be able to get out of this messy web of debt. That is why so much importance is given to researching and doing a bit of homework on the net so that you can save yourself from such unfavorable circumstances. You can be totally equipped to select the best debt negotiation strategy.

One of the easiest ways of tracking the best negotiation programs is to get the help of a relief network for the purpose. There are quite a number of such networks in the market. They mainly deal with checking the credibility of different settlement companies and thereby give affiliations. The affiliation is given after a lot of scanning and checking. They consider all aspects like the success ratio, the manner of dealing with the creditors and finally being able to manage a successful negotiation with them. Only after checking all these details, they accredit the concerned programs. Therefore, it can be said that these networks can help you to select an appropriate negotiation program that is perfect for you.

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Negotiating Space

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Today you will probably negotiate with someone – unless you live on a deserted island.

Many of your meetings and conversations with co-workers, your boss, your spouse, children or best friend are really negotiations. Interactions you have with a buyer, seller, waiter, or taxi driver? All negotiations. Next year you are going to experience thousands of negotiations.

As you get ready for all of those negotiations you’re going to have, I want to remind you of one of the most fundamental aspects of any negotiation-leave yourself room to negotiate. I call it Negotiating Space.

Negotiating Space is something that really impacts your ability to achieve a satisfying agreement-for all parties. My research proved that people who give themselves room to negotiate do better than those who don’t. If you are looking to buy something you will do better if you make a low initial offer. If you want to sell someone a product, service, idea, concept, or change-of-policy-start out with high demands.

The process of high demands and slow, reluctantly given concessions is a strong one. This negotiating process helps reduce the other person’s aspiration level and enhances their satisfaction level. It gives you a chance to test the strength of the other person’s position and their willingness to stand firm. This process helps you gather valuable information about the other person’s position and feelings. And most importantly, the information you gain from following this process helps you uncover “Both-Win” opportunities.

Wherever you decide to start your negotiation-have a good, logical reason for starting where you do. This helps avoid an appearance of flippancy.

When you give yourself Negotiating Space, you may discover that you are better off than you thought. And, it provides you an opportunity to maybe discover a really unique Both-Win outcome.

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Best Debt Negotiation Companies – Debt Negotiation Reviews

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When searching for the best debt negotiation companies it is important to research how long the company has been in business, fees, customer service, and company accreditations.

Due to today’s declining economy thousands of debt negotiation companies are jumping into the business. I see close to 10 new companies a day popping up online. With so many companies to choose from it becomes tough to find out who is truly one of the best debt negotiation companies. At the end of this article you will find a review of the top three companies in the industry.

Time in Business:

Any debt settlement company whom has only been around for a year is someone whom you need to walk away from. Yes there product might sound great but the fact of the matter is that debt negotiation is a process. Generally a debt negotiation program takes 3-4 years to complete. If you are speaking with a company who has only been in business for a year or two then odds are that company has never even had a client go through and complete the entire program yet.

Customer Service:

Customer service is also very important when researching the best debt negotiation companies. The last thing you want is to enroll into a program and then find out that it takes them weeks to get back to you. Settlements with your creditors are often time sensitive. That is why it is so important to have a company with a great customer service record backing you up and is easily accessible when you need them.


With any business there are always watchdogs and government agencies in which you must abide by. The debt settlement industry is no different. The three main industry watchdogs that a debt negotiation company should be accredited with are NADRC “National Association Of Debt Relief Companies”, USOBA “United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives”, and TASC “The Assocation of Settlement Companies”. A good debt negotiation company will be members of at least one if not two of these accreditation guidelines.

Debt Negotiation Fees:

Last of all things to consider when looking for the best debt negotiation companies is the fees in which the company makes. The going rate for a debt relief company is a setup fee of $100-$200. They also charge a monthly bank fee which is standard across the industry. And finally the actual negotiation fee in itself. The negotiation fee is going to run anywhere from 10-15% of your debt. It is also important to note that the negotiation fee should be spread out over the length of the program. Or at least 12 months. Many companies charge a larger portion of the fees in the first 3-4 months. Which means that for the first 3-4 months of the program all of the money you are paying is stictly going to fees. This is a huge mistake. It is extremely important that you have at least some funds going to your creditors and or savings account for the first couple months in the program.

We have taken the liberty and time to research and review hundreds of the best debt settlement companies available so you don’t have to. We have disregarded all of the sales hype and went strictly off of facts and results.

Our Top 3 Companies:

#1 Impact Debt Relief
#2 Eagle One Debt Settlement
#3 Freedom Debt Relief

To view a list and read more about the top debt settlement companies visit our website below.

All of the information is FREE and has been verified.

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“How To Prevent Cyberbullying From Hurting Your Business” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

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In today’s interconnected world, #cyberbullying can greatly affect businesses. The types of cyberbullying that can occur, such as fictitious reviews, false claims and trolling/harassment can arise for reasons of retribution or corporate positioning for a negotiation. This article addresses why cyberbullying occurs, how to prevent it, and how to address such attacks when they happen. The information applies to businesses, but it can also apply to individuals.

Cyberbullying – Why?
Bullies tend to target those they sense as being vulnerable and weaker than themselves. In business, corporations of any size may target another organization for numerous reasons. They may do so to affect that business’ revenues, its employee morale, or to diminish the company’s reputation.

When negotiating (you’re always negotiating), cyberbullying can be a tactic employed to soften an entity prior to a negotiation. This can occur by anonymously placing false stories about that entity in social media outlets, or having allies serve as its proxy. In either case, such actions can give the appearance of a corporation under siege from multiple points and sources.

Companies remain vigilant about social media activities because they’re aware of the impact that negative postings can have on their business. A corporation can even be susceptible to cyber blackmail. That’s another form of cyberbullying that leaves corporations in a precarious position.

Cyberbullying Example and Handling:
A business associate that owns a diner recalled a time when several male professionals walked into his eatery. They were inebriated, boisterous and disrespectful to other customers and my associate’s employees; my associate did not want to confront his rowdy patrons by calling the police because he didn’t want to lose control of the situation. So, he informed the disorderly customers that his in-store security camera was filming their actions and if they didn’t adopt a mannerable demeanor he’d have to release the video on social media. While he wasn’t threatening them with cyberbullying, he was implying that he’d use cyberspace to ‘out them’ if they didn’t correct their behavior. The men apologized to everyone in the establishment and no further actions were required. The threat of using social media was enough to back them down.

Cyberbullying Prevention, Combating, Overcoming:
As a business owner, to combat cyberbullying:

  1. Be proactive on social media platforms and garner as many positive comments as possible. Then, if another organization attempts to bully your business, they’ll stand out as an outlier compared to the glowing comments you’ve already received.

  1. Have business allies and customers at the ready to post rebuttal comments to support your organization against a bully. In extreme cases, have your allies note the efforts that a cyberbully has engaged in, in other environments. Respond in a strong and swift manner to let the bully know that there’s a high cost for him to incur for targeting your business. Remember, bullies tend to pick on easy targets. To combat a bully successfully, insulate your business; don’t make it an easy target.

  1. In brick-and-mortar businesses, have camera systems installed that captures, in real-time, the actions that a bully might perpetrate in your establishment. Their in-person actions could be the prelude to cyberbullying. Being proactive with a video account of their in-person actions will allow others to see your side of the story more clearly.

If you’re someone that engages in cyberbullying, be mindful of who you attack. What you do to others can come back to harm you. It might do so at the most inopportune time.

As a business owner, be proactive to bullying attempts. Follow the suggestions above and ward off potential attacks before they occur… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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What Is The Color Of Money In Your Negotiations – Negotiation Tip Of The Week

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“I’m a grown man and I don’t want my bedroom painted pink!”

Those were the words of an exasperated man exclaiming his displeasure to a movie scout, that wanted to paint the man’s bedroom a color that the man didn’t think was manly. The scout had very excitedly told the man how perfect his house was for a scene that had to be shot within a few days for a movie with a big budget. The scout had also let on that the movie company didn’t have a lot of time to investigate other properties. The more the scout talked, the more he placed his negotiation position in jeopardy.

In reality, when the man was stating his displeasure with the color of the room, he did so as a setup to extract more money from the movie scout.

What ploys do you employ to enhance your negotiation position? Do you know what the color of money is (opportunities) in your negotiations?

The following insights will allow you to quickly identify hidden opportunities in your negotiations.

  1. When the other negotiator constantly talks, let him. The more he talks the better off you’ll be. He’ll divulge information and insights that you’ll be able to use in the negotiation.

  1. Before your negotiation, consider what points of leverage you can obtain, simply by placing a strategic objection at the appropriate time. Opportunities occur in every negotiation, but they’ll be missed if you don’t know what to look for. Plus, if you plan for them, you’ll be more mindful of how you can promote them to

  1. To be even more effective, consider the rebuttals that might be offered to your objections. Then, think of the body language you’ll exhibit to assist in your ruse. As an example, you can display disgust by curling one corner of your lip. Even if the other negotiator is not aware at a conscious level of what that means, he’ll sense it at a subconscious level. Depending on his overall demeanor and the timing of the display, he may adopt a mercurial nature that states, you can go faster, or that it’s time to slow down. Be aware of which one it is. Nevertheless, when body language and words are synchronized, your words have a more powerful impact on your

  1. Know when to forge forward with a request and know when to ease up. Such direction can be gleaned from the reaction of the person you’re negotiating with, based on the body language and words they use to respond. As an example, if you receive several concessions as the result of your ploys, you might consider giving in to a hard and strident pushback you receive. The theory is, let him win sometimes, so he’ll grant you more concessions.

  1. Always be mindful of your emotions. The more you keep your emotions in check, the greater control you’ll have over them, and the other negotiator.

In the opening situation, I described how a man used the color pink to obtain more green (i.e. money). If you’re observant of situations that offer you the opportunity to enhance your negotiation position, you too can gain more from every negotiation you’re in… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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