Make Sure Your Present Isn’t An Unwanted Christmas Present

It’s painful to see the present you spent so much time choosing end up on an auction site as soon as Christmas Day has ended.

Here are some top tips to make sure you’re not giving someone an unwanted Christmas present.

1. If the person you’re buying a Christmas present for has a wish list on somewhere like Amazon, use that. This is the easiest way but not everyone is organized enough to use sites like Amazon to list the Christmas presents they would like.

2. Casually ask the recipient what they want for Christmas. If you ask far enough ahead, they probably won’t remember having the conversation and come Christmas Day, they’ll get the perfect present from you.

3. Choose a DVD from one of their favorite television series or actor. So long as you know the gift recipient well, you should have a good idea of what they like watching. Tune into hints in their conversations if necessary.

4. Give an unusual or unique Christmas present. Anything from a goat in an under-developed country through to a personalized present that can’t be bought off the shelf.

5. If all else fails, consider a gift voucher. Whilst these are not the best present to give (apart from anything else, they show that you didn’t know what present to purchase the person), they are usable and you know that the recipient of the present will get themselves precisely the present they desire.

Whatever you end up buying for a Christmas present, you need to put enough effort into the purchase to make sure that it doesn’t end up as a waste of money as an unwanted Christmas present. Good luck choosing!

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