The Top 10 Presents For Christmas For People Trying To Figure Out, “What Do I Get My 14 Year Old?”

Some people enjoy around the Christmas season when one is supposed to be thinking of family and friends while spending hard earned cash on them it can drive most people bonkers. You would think that when it comes to your children that it suppose to be much easier deciding what to purchase. This is not true and parents know this is not the case. Especially, after you see that sparkle of discontent in your child’s face when they open their Christmas gifts.

Children enjoy their presents more when they are in a complete set. Don’t forget that it sucks to feel left out around friends and their gifts. Try not to purchase your kids gifts like a skate board without the tools to repair them or a RC monster truck without a rechargeable battery to play with it.

The list below was put together for season. This unique list is to help you in buying Christmas presents for kids that are between the ages of 13-17 years old.

1. Lego Star Wars Clone Wars

2. Nintendo Wii Game Assassins Creed

3. 16GB Expanded memory for cell phones devices.

4. Lego Star Wars Toys

5. Metal Gear Solid Action Figures.

6. Lego Atlantis Gateway of the Squid

7. Marvel Universe Master Works Galactus

8. Silver Surfer Toys

9. Witch Blade Busts

10. Mega Blok Iron Man 2 Stark Expo Set

Getting a gift for a teenager that doesn’t go with any other toys they may own is like buying a a car with no tires. Teenagers will not have fun with the presents too long if they know it’s not complete.

Make this Christmas one to remember when shopping for their gifts this year by purchasing combinations of gifts that compliment and go with each other and they will enjoy much longer. The teens will appreciate towards their mommy and daddys because they will know you love them until next year. Then you have to do all over for their birthdays.

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