Your Work Vehicles and Your Business Presentation

Investing in your company image makes sense and you must consider this part of your business presentation. It is as important as the signage on your location and your brochures or website. Neglecting your company vehicles is not smart marketing or presentation. What can you do to dress up your company vehicles?

Well it would seem that it is good advice to never have your vehicles looking dirty. Did you know that Fred Smith of Federal Express use to wash every vehicle every day and then eventually went to twice per week washing? He knew the value of his vehicles on the street and the image it presented to his customers and future clientele.

Today there are so many excellent options for vehicle signage to consider once you commit to keeping your company vehicles clean. Lets face it if you plan on putting cool graphics on your vehicle no sense in advertising the fact that your vehicle looks dirty? Sure God made dirt on the first day, but why advertise it, when you are trying to propel your image in the market place.

Contact a local graphic signage business and ask them about shrink raps and custom graphics and dress up your vehicle business presentation and then watch more customers calling in and saying; I saw your vehicle and I am interested in.

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